Manufactured with state of the art manufacturing facilities, our wide range of PACKTECH ........

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NCIL has Geotextiles having wide range of end-uses in pavements / roads / railroad beds / airfields, retaining wall earth ......... 

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Agro Net

Manufactured from state of the art technology, Suraksha nets have wide range of applications for in Agrotech sector. Agro net applications include all activities concerned with the growing and harvesting of crops and animals. The principal function of most of /Agro nets relates to the protection of food produce, animals or land.

End-uses range from crop production (cereals, cotton, tobacco, etc), through forestry and horticulture (fruits, vegetables, trees and flowers), to animal and poultry rearing and fishing.

Horticulture Floriculture Plantation Domestic


Pot plants

Tea Cattle shed
Veg seedling Gerbera Coffee Fencing
Cabbage Carnations Cardamom Domestic
Peppers Nursery   Shading
Lettuce Plantation crop   Scaffolding net
Grapes Anthurium   Car shed
  Chrysanthus   Interior designing

Technical Specifications


Woven ground cover

Ground cover which is also known as weed Control Fabric is manufactured from UV stabilized polypropylene flat tapes. The polypropylene Ground Cover/ Weed Control fabric is available with green marker lines at 12 inches (30cm) intervals. The Ground cover/ Weed Control Fabric prevent weed growth and allows air circulation. The fabric protects the roots from the spread of fungus and bacteria. It is permeable to air and water and is resistant to mildew and rotting.

Ground Cover / Weed Control fabric is used in various applications such as landscaping, green houses, nurseries, shade structures, etc

Woven Ground Cover Benefits.

• Good UV stability
• Good puncture and abrasion resistance
• Good light blocking.
• Good water transmission.
• Can be through planted.
• Raises ground temperature and maintains soil humidity.
• Can be covered with bark and chippings etc..
• Reduces need for chemical weed control.
Plants do not have to compete with weeds for nutrients and water. Its special weaving designs allow water to drain away quickly, reducing pounding. Many grades have colored lines woven into the textile to assist nurserymen neatly layout their stocks.

Technical Specifications



NCIL offers HDPE/PP monofilament / tape 3 strand ropes with standard strength. Each has its unique advantage to the various needs of our customers.


  • Baling Agricultural yield.
  • Livestock Security.
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Bird Protection Nets
  • Khat Dori
Available In various size Excellent Strength
Controlled Elongation Non corrosive Light Weight
High Flexibility Excellent Shock Absorption Capacity
Inert to Chemicals  

Technical Specifications


Mulch film

The term “mulch film” means films which are laid on the soil to retain moisture levels in the soil for proper growth of plants. This mulch film is made up of linear low density polyethylene, a polymer. These films are made with addition of carbon black which prevents the film from ultra violet degradation thus achieving higher quality film with a longer shelf life.

Mulch film helps farmers in achieving higher productivity(yield) leading into higher monetary gains resulting into a growth in agriculture sector and thus economic growth of the country.


  1. Retains moisture level in the soil thus less requirement of water
  2. Higher yield (productivity) leading into higher monetary gains.
  3. Better quality of crop

Technical Specifications



The Vermibed from Neo Corp International with special features is designed to produce 100 % high quality Bio fertilizer (organic fertilizer) which is the renovation of organic waste.

Available in size 3600 x 1200 x 600mm (LxWxH), this Vermibed from Neo Corp International Limited is manufactured as per IS: 15907:2010,’ with following features and advantages.

  1. It is U.V. Stabilized.
  2. Flexible and economical.
  3. Easy to handle and install.
  4. Available with facility for ventilation
  5. Provision of outlet in the bottom corner for collection of vermiwash.
  6. There is a better distribution and availability of nutrients to the crop in soils where vermicompost is used.
  7. Minimum loss of water through evaporation when vermi compost is applied. This results in reduced irrigation requirement in the crop.
  8. When compared to farm yard manure, the quantity of actinomycetes (biological organisms) in vermi compost is many times higher and this increases the resistance of the corps to pest.
  9. Vermi compost improves the moisture holding capacity of the soil and increases the availability of water to the crops.