Applications for technical textiles in the Agrotech sector include all activities concerned with the growing and ......... 

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NCIL has Geotextiles having wide range of end-uses in pavements / roads / railroad beds / airfields, retaining wall earth ......... 

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Industrial and Consumer Packaging

Manufactured with state of the art manufacturing facilities, our wide range of PACKTECH products provide cost effective solutions for storage carriage and protection requirements of industrial, agricultral and their goods.

Packaging is an ideal and long established application for textiles. The Packtech application area includes all textiles used for the temporary containment, carriage, storage and protection of industrial, agricultural and other goods. It ranges from relatively heavyweight woven fabrics used for bags, sacks, FIBCs, wrappings for textile bales and carpets etc. to lightweight woven used as Leno bags and other food and industrial product wrappings.