Manufactured with state of the art manufacturing facilities, our wide range of PACKTECH ........

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Applications for technical textiles in the Agrotech sector include all activities concerned with the growing and ......... 

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NCIL has Geotextiles having wide range of end-uses in pavements / roads / railroad beds / airfields, retaining wall earth ......... 

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Quality Assurance

Quality within gets shown outside in the product.

Yes, we do have all test equipments and facilities to meet all test standards. An elaborate procedure and team carrying routines after routines to ensure zero defect and 100% tracebility.

But at NCIL we claim to have largest Quality Assurance department in the industry. We have 1200 people working in this department because each person including the CEO and worker feel Quality assurance is an integral part of his profile.

NCIL has a documented Quality Management System, detailed procedures, instructions and reference documents to ensure control over all process, product quality, product safety and legality.

NCIL is equipped with all the necessary testing facilities required to ensure fulfillment of customer satisfaction


NCIL uses QUV- B equipment for testing of fabric with the strength retention after UV protections, it ensure our fabric with the durability both in tensile strength and elongation.

NCIL conducts  endurance tests for every order and documents for each lot to ensure standards are being met. With in-house facilities, new products and designs are developed, tested and approved.

Inner PE Liners

Water permeability tester Tensile testers
Tensile tester for film Dart impact tester
AOS tester Gloss meter
MFI tester Opacity tester
Aging oven Hot air oven